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Le but de notre société c’est de satisfaire pleinement notre client. Nous offrons à nos clients non seulement des services exceptionnels, mais aussi la qualité du service bien fait qui dépasse l’attente de nos clients et qui dépasse largement les moyens d'autres entreprises. Voilà sans doute pourquoi la moitié des clients viennent à nous solliciter suite à la recommandation de leurs amis.


Nous adhérons à la politique de prix compétitifs et nous proposons des articles des nos principaux fabricants à des prix abordables et même à des prix plus bas que dans d’autres salles d’exposition. Notre entreprise se distingue des autres entreprises par la mise en disposition d’un large choix de produits et articles que nous proposons à nos clients même les plus exigeants.


Grace à la mise en disposition d’un large choix de produits et articles que nous proposons à nos clients, vous avez la possibilité de commander tout en même temps, et donc de gagner du temps et de l'argent.


La coopération avec notre société est une garantie de la parfaite exécution de votre commande. Nous serons heureux de vous aider à meubler votre maison.

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The stylistic aim of Brummel is based on a strong concept able to create new living spaces’ styles, where comfort and originality are perfectly mixed. Its style has a strong and characteristic feature, able to outline this ambitious project’s guidelines, where the project proposal is inspired by a classic style, revised with modern accent. Brummel creates and evolves its concept, following the famous Italian artistic and cultural creativity, which qualifies Italian products all around the world. We are long-time supporters of the concept that comparisons between different cultures give the world a message of positive strength, civility and freedom. The dialogue between culture, history and Italian-ness creates the correct symbiosis for modeling a work of art, knowledge of the artistic world dictates the guidelines for maximizing and popularizing our culture, in fact knowing art means discovering, understanding and drawing on the historic, artistic and cultural patrimony that surrounds us. Brummel works on and creates its stylistic identity, basing itself on the artistic-cultural Italian-ness that has made our country so recognizable and appreciated the world over.

Martini Mobili

Martini Mobili is a leader manufacturer of Italian High End Furniture. The quality of all Martini products is guaranteed through an attentive selection of materials based on prestige and technical requirements. Solid wood is selected to guarantee perfect homogeneity of colors and grain, and the lumber comes exclusively from controlled deforestation plantations.

Our kitchen furniture offers a combination of expert planning, customised design down to the last detail and the incorporation of the very latest technology: subtly blending a warm, welcoming atmosphere with efficiency and ease of use. Our units merge harmoniously into any environment, with a range of furnishings which include both classic kitchens and luxury kitchens.

We furnish the world’s most elegant homes, personalising every project and using only high-quality raw materials and expert workmanship.

Veneta Cucine

The Veneta Cucine group is the largest manufacturer of kitchens in Italy.

Established in 1967 in Biancade, in the province of Treviso, the business changed its name to Veneta Cucine Spa in 1978.

The group employs 500 staff in its 90.000 square meters of covered industrial space that is divided between the production/managerial complex in Biancade (Treviso) and the woodworking factory in Codissago - Longarone (Belluno). Its employees design, produce, administer and distribute 10 systems, 40 models based on 7 different frames, generating 300 options of varying colours and materials. These offer endless possibilities for customisation, so that each year as many as 60.000 kitchens enter the market.