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Le but de notre société c’est de satisfaire pleinement notre client. Nous offrons à nos clients non seulement des services exceptionnels, mais aussi la qualité du service bien fait qui dépasse l’attente de nos clients et qui dépasse largement les moyens d'autres entreprises. Voilà sans doute pourquoi la moitié des clients viennent à nous solliciter suite à la recommandation de leurs amis.


Nous nous engageons à appliquer les prix compétitifs et à proposer des meubles italiens à des prix attractifs – et souvent plus bas que dans les magasins de meubles. Nous nous distinguons des autres entreprises, car nous possédons un très grand choix de meubles italiens.


Nous travaillons plutôt avec les usines qui ont de l’expérience du travail bien fait. Avec une large gamme des mobiliers, il est possible de commander dans un seul endroit tout le mobilier, de cette manière nous économisons votre temps et l'argent.


La coopération avec notre société est une garantie de la parfaite exécution de votre commande. Nous serons heureux de vous aider à meubler votre maison.

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Altamoda finds its origin from Stefania and Riccardo Volpi’s will to transfer into the world of home decor the same tailor-style approach, which is typical of any fashion creation. By the meeting of fashion and design, a new concept of environment is born, now interpreted as total look, where any decorating item, from table to sofa, from carpet to chandelier, becomes mainly a distinctive icon of style, more than a merely functional object.

A way to live the luxury oriented environments, which finds its expression in the selection of sophisticated and top quality materials, with amazing and very unique shapes.

The artisan furnishing tradition expresses itself in a totally new, eclectic, intentionally excessive style.

With Altamoda, the made in Italy soul shows its most glamorous face. The wide offer of lines allow a perfect customization of each project, either private residential home or contract, thus achieving the creation of environments with the best visual impact.

Angelo Cappellini

Angelo Cappellini has its roots in one of the most important, economically-advanced, production areas of Italy: the Brianza.

The 55th edition of “Salone del Mobile” in Milano confirms the 50th continuous participation of Angelo Cappellini and for this anniversary everything is brand new: new Hall, new booth and new atmospheres. All is new, but maintaining in the Classic style the attention for details and the wise matchings of products, finishings and fabrics.

Customers can benefit from the wealth of experience Angelo Cappellini has matured over the years through its important international collaborations, and which it applies to its project development and management activities and supply contracts.

Company team skills range from the ability to execute a technical project exactly to a customer’s request or based on pure creativity, allowing us therefore to provide a complete 360-degree service.

From project design and development through to production, the whole process is rigorously monitored by the team, in order to achieve quality standards that satisfy even the most demanding customer.

Arca Mobili

Arca was born in Castello di Godego (Treviso) in 1972, where is still located the company Headquarters and manufacturing facilities. ARCA covers an industrial area of about 25.000 square metres that are organized for the various manufacturing processes of wood, seasoning of the Walnut and Cherry wood, carpentry and technologic system for the first manufacturing process of wood, the warehouse of the raw pieces, hand-made polishing facilities with the possibility to use lacquered finishes or various wood shades and finishing facilities with the use of beeswax and decorations in gold and silver leaf. The company philosophy reflects accurately the true values of the Italian classic furniture. Style inspired by moments of the most distinguished Italian and European history. The ability to design each individual room or home furnishing as the Customer desires. Hand-made quality of the finished piece, made with real wood and manufactured with the use of hand-made carpentry and polishing techniques. Arca, thanks to the above important mentioned features, is currently living a leader role in the classic furnishing market of high quality, both in Italian and International market, where is highly esteemed as a very valuable interpreter of classic Italian culture and style.


Bamax extends over 13,000 square meters on two differentiated structures, one used for the production of furniture and furnishings on the second measurement and the development of kitchens. The property also has a large showroom where we present all the news.

Inside the production to the left of the numerical control machines there are still experienced artisans who deal with each finishing, in order to always give a distinctive character and load of humanity to each product that leaves our factory.

Today bamax work for a hundred people, including skilled workers, technicians, inspection staff and management, logistics staff and warehouse, as well as designers, engineers and managers.

Each of these people contributes to pursue those values in which our company identifies and expresses the realization of the furnishings, impeccable blend of the timeless charm of tradition and the stylistic evolution, as well as material, new design trends.

Caspani Tino

Caspani Tino collections are the essence of a lifestyle, of an emotion, of a colour, of a trip, of a dream. Challenging time and trends, they will bring to your houses an unchangeable touch of art, originality, history and fashion. It is an attention turned to customer, who remains in the center of company philosophy.

To better guarantee our customers, the griffe Caspani Tino - 100% made in Italy is affixed on each item, thus protecting collections from counterfeiters' imitation attempts and giving you the warranty of an authentic and original brand product.quality made in Italy is the history of the country. It's the memory, the identity, the variety of italian regions. It's the "artistic know how", creative resource against taste's homologation.

Colombo Stile

The heart of Colombo Stile collections is rooted in carpentry tradition, their soul in art history and their eyes in the freedom of the contemporary world. Thus – with heart, soul and eyes – we give life to unique and precious, original and authentic creations, travelling across the ages and through the states of mind. Colombo Stile works are made by master craftsmen in precious woods and fabrics, with extreme care to the smallest detail, enabling an immersive dimension of senses and mind. The result has unmistakable features of a style that looks to past, present and future at the same time.

Ezio Bellotti

Back to 1970, when Ezio Bellotti founded this Company, which over time has become a tried and true family based on values like honesty, the pursuit of beauty, love for tradition, and high quality workmanship. Today, these values are rediscovered in the various collection that come out of the historical headquarters in Cabiate, where the inevitable onset of technology has replaced only part of the craftsmanship and experience of those master artisans who have been working in this company for years.

Choosing Bellotti Ezio means that you are choosing global furniture and furnishing projects created with an unparalleled level of quality.

For Bellotti Ezio customer satisfaction is truly fundamental – this is why the company makes sure that the technical office is ready and available for private and professional clients, even when talking about the exclusiveness of abodes or professional spaces, in every context and anywhere in the world.


The story of Formitalia, which belongs to the brothers David and Gianni Overi, is a story of successful items as well as of winning insights that have been able to become a real system of total living that reaches the furniture of prestigious villas in the most exclusive places and also the carrying out of hotels and cultural centers all over the world. During the latest years the commercial growth of the Formitalia brand and of its licensing brands has followed a strategy for a distribution by means of a networks of boutiques with the brand Formitalia and Tonino Lamborghini placed inside luxury centers in more than 50 countries all over the world. Today Formitalia Luxury Group is therefore an important international group that includes furniture brands as well as prestigious collections based on the idea of total look for home, office and the most glamour and coolest personal accessories.

The first design collection Formitalia created in 1991, that is Boutique Collection, is still a success of the production by Formitalia: it is characterized by prints and details that remind the world of horses, with prints of profiles of Arabian horses made of pure silk from Como, and by works on metals and leather that Florentine craftsmen carry out. This success has been reached thanks to the deep knowledge of hides, to the selection of the most valuable tannings that are processed with crocodile and ostrich prints in order to highlight the mood that has given the key imprint to the Formitalia brand. Formitalia stakes on leather and on any possible use of it: from the living area to the big and sophisticated bedrooms, the Formitalia style makes your house be unique, precious, cosmopolite, elegant, warm and cosy.

Francesco Molon

Francesco Molon high-end interior design is the expression of elegance, luxury and tradition. Erudition, taste for beauty and creative abilities supervised, over the years, by Francesco Molon’s glamour touch.

The very act of finishing a fine piece of furniture is an art in itself and our experienced craftsmen masterfully stain, pad, rub, antique, highlight and shade by hand using age old techniques passed down from generation to generation. A creative moment in which clients’ desires join up the artist’s concept to produce the finest piece of customized exclusive furniture.

Our designers and architects are able to meet the most demanding client’s specifications in order to create classical items of timeless design. Precisely for this reason, standard catalogue items are often personalized according to each client’s specific needs, or complete custom creations manufactured. Our wide ranging flexibility and customized high-end furniture transform each interior into an exclusive project for a unique buyer.

Francesco Molon’s choice of artisan purity reflects itself also in the choice of materials, such as in-house made watercolors applied by hand or uncommon woods, textiles and other components. A balance of perfection recreated by our expert artisans, combining with precision passion and manual dexterity.

Giorgio Collection

For a home that is sophisticated and lavish, Giorgio Collection presents furniture and accessories collections enforcing the value of “Made In Italy”. Since 1956, Giorgio Collection furniture has had an elegant, refined and unique Italian style. Creating sublime quality products using the very best materials and design the furniture industry has to offer. Forty smaller companies with expert craftsmen who work exclusively for Modernindustria (their group) ensure that only the best quality is achieved. Ranges include the Sunrise and Absolute collections, with pieces for every room. For us "hand made" is not just a turn of phrase.

Jumbo Collection

Founded in 1985 as an Italian company specialized in the creation of classic style upholstery, Jumbo Collection since the very first years of activity set international trade relations especially in the Middle East, Far East and Russian markets. Since the 90’s, the company started the creation of classic furniture adding to the existing production new styles and collections.

Thanks to the care for quality, the craftsmanship, the continuous research and innovation in design and materials, in few years Jumbo Collection became one of the leading brands internationally recognized.


Provasi, a leading company in the luxury furnishing sector, creates and exports pieces of furniture all over the world.

As a brand operating in the luxury segment, Provasi is characterized by the passion for furnishing.

It represents today the very concept of artisanship combined with a deep knowledge of the furniture art from the past, one of the symbols of the Made in Italy excellence, which is highly appreciated on foreign markets.

Thanks to a professional team who work together to create projects of exclusive decor, Provasi can plan the interior design or furniture for any type of building, including apartments, villas, yachts and hotels, or to provide assistance to external project managers who may need help in creating more challenging interior design plans or furnishing.

Every new creation starts with a study as highly qualified creative experts work together to meet all the needs of the Provasi customer.

This includes considering aesthetics a passionate search for harmony, colour combinations, the beauty of compositions, and a keen eye for details.


Alberto Smania, founder of the company that bares his name, was captain of the Air force and an official Rally pilot for Fiat. In 1967, in his artisan workshop where iron cast railings and gates are produced, with the iron scraps he conceives his first table.

Its exactly from this table that emanates the soul of Smania and an entrepreneurial vision that will generate the imprint of the company, along with the passion for beauty, the research for the latest materials, the exclusivity in forms and nature, and the implementation of tables, bookcases, seatings, beds and accessories. In 1972 Smania participates for the first time to the Salone del Mobile di Milano, im the meantime from Padova his creations begin being brough abroad.

Rattan and Bamboo are the main characters of the production in the 1970’s, they look abroad in taste, exotic and colonial with a manual ability to braid and entwine materials, then its Briar Wood’s turn (American walnut, elm and myrtle, refined finishes that Smania much before others discover – shaped and polished into art: it’s the economic boom of the 80-s.

The end of the 90-s is synonym of flamed Wenge’ its a collection that knowingly joins metals with leathers its a perfect combo o fan ethnic taste and Italian contemporary style .


Since 1925, when the first furniture products left the workshop of Pietro Turri and were immediately recognised for their superior quality.

Three words continue to express the Turri philosophy, now as always: original, authentic, unique. These are the values that permeate all our products: from individual pieces to comprehensive interior decoration projects. We are driven by our love of and respect for a classical sense of tradition that requires uncompromising quality standards, even when interpretations are modern and innovative.

Based on these premises, the Turri style is a way of thinking about luxury in interior decoration that has built us an international reputation for Italian made products.

Our "mission" is to bring the art of luxury lifestyle in every room, who is looking for luxury will always find in Turri a deep understanding of their aspirations (desires).