Flexible Stone

Decoration Material



Flexible stone is used as a finishing material in design and architecture. Mostly for decorating facades of buildings, walls, niches, columns, fireplaces, bar counters, bathrooms and furniture. Unlike tiles and wallpaper, flexible stone is able to remain in its original form for more than 25 years. It also protects the bearing surface with less weight. Furthermore it is much cheaper than a natural stone.



Completely eco-friendly material that can be safely used in exterior and interior decoration, as well as in swimming pools and saunas. Flexible stone does not emit any substances when the temperature rises or falls.


Flexible stone has antistatic properties and does not require any special care. It can easily be washed even with a metal brush, without a fear of damaging the material. And even if it happened for some reason, you can restore the spoiled segment to its original integrity using a piece of material of the same color.


Choose your favorite design from the list or send us a picture with a stone texture and our designer will create a unique design for you.

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When using frescoes on a flexible stone, you can achieve absolute individualization and sophistication of space. Completely eco-friendly, they can be used not only for exterior but also for interior decoration. The variety of options will allow you to emphasize your style and provide complete freedom of action in the arrangement of your housing.



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